1. Ownership and Licence. ASSA ABLOY Australia Pty Ltd ACN 086 451 907 (We) retains all copyright in SIPA anywhere in the world.

  2. Permitted Uses: You are granted, free of charge, a non-exclusive, non-transferable right to download, copy and use SIPA for the sole purpose of contracting with an authorised ASSA ABLOY locksmith (Authorised Service Centre) who supplies a Master Key System to you that copyright in the information and records created in the Master Key System will be assigned to You, and to direct how Your records should be dealt with.

  3. Prohibited Uses: You must not modify, amend or vary SIPA other than to insert information in the spaces provided by SIPA. You must not sell or otherwise commercialise SIPA or transfer it to another person by any means or cause it to be published or communicated to the public. You must not remove or change the "© Copyright 2012 ASSA ABLOY Australia Pty Ltd ACN 086 451 907" copyright statement in the footer of the Agreement or use the SIPA trade mark in any way other than in connection with the SIPA document.

  4. Liability: You acknowledge and agree that We make no representation that SIPA is enforceable or fit for Your particular purpose (which is unknown to Us) and You assume all responsibility and liability for determining the suitability of the agreement and its use. To the extent available at law, We exclude all liability whether in contract, tort, negligence or otherwise, in connection with or related to SIPA, including, but not limited to, liability for any direct or indirect cost or loss or damage of any kind (including legal costs) arising out of or in connection with Your use of SIPA or this licence agreement with You, however caused; and You agree to indemnify us against any such liability. To the extent that making SIPA available to You, or licensing You to use it, is the supply of a service under the Australian Consumer Law, Our liability to You is limited to resupply of the service.